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WAA B&W and 9 x 5 Challenge 30 November 2013
Crowds of people and a buzz of excitement greeted you as you came into the club rooms on the Saturday of our combined black and white/9x5 exhibition and 50th birthday celebration.
The Art Show was judged in three sections: Scratch Art, Black Pen and Ink work, and 9”X5” Colour Art - ......(see more)


City of Whitehorse Spring Festival, 20 October 2013

What a great family day, mums and dads with children of all ages, prams, strollers, kids with faces painted running about, groups of people bustling between tents and marquees, music, choirs, bush bands.

Set amongst all this was......(see more)


Peter Smales demonstration 21st September 2013
Seascape in Oils

Peter was a very pleasant affable personality. His amusing delightful manner kept the attentive audience laughing. He is a very good teacher, handling the overcrowded room competently without a microphone. He is a member of the Twenty Melbourne Painters, which speaks for itself. He told us......(see more)

WAA members scoop St Judes Art Show, 13 - 15 September 2013
With 200 plus people attending it was an excellent opening night.  The judge, Sherbrooke Art Society teacher Jeff Murphy, gave an interesting and lively address, with artists from WAA and Glen Park Community Centre winning 16 awards.
Jenny Dodd's from WAA won the people's choice award with an excellent pastel portrait of her granddaughter (at left).  Well done Jenny and all who entered this great art show for emerging artists
......(see more)

Angelo Quabba demonstration 17th August 2013
Oils - Landscape
Angelo was a very humorous, lively oil painter with an Italian accent. He was quite talkative, sometimes asking rhetorical questions of himself about decisions to be made in the progress of this painting. The subject was a creek in the Beechworth bush. He has spent much time in Northern Victoria since coming from......(read more)

Ron Reynolds Demonstration Saturday 20th July, 2013
Oils – Contemporary Still Life

Ron was very informative, explaining the influences and ideas informing his contemporary painting style. His workbooks were evidence of his skills as a master colourist and expressive artist, as well as his drawing abilities. He has created a new record at WAA - of the 50 attendees......(read more)

Maxwell Wilks Demonstration Saturday 15th June, 2013
Oils – Landscape

Maxwell Wilks is a gentle, sensitive artist who gives an impression of shyness at first but revealed that he was quietly confident in all things artistic, based on many years of producing top level painting. He has been a professional artist since 1980 and is......(read more)

Paintout – Blackburn Lake, 6th April, 2013
Once again we were blessed with a lovely sunny afternoon for our second paintout at Blackburn Lake. Seven painters turned up and painted at 2 locations by the lake. The temperature was a pleasant 25 degrees and plenty of shade was available.
Despite the ducks deciding......(read more)


Julian Bruere Demo Saturday 20th April, 2013
Watercolour – Maritime Subject

Julian is a lively talkative personality who shares all of his many secrets freely during his demonstration. He is quite amusing, approachable and unassuming. He tells a story against himself and his tendency to talk. Kath Ballard, patron of the watercolour society, at a demonstration by Julian, once spoke up. “Which hand do you paint with?” ”The right,” said Julian. Kath replied......(read more)


Syd Tunn & Ona Henderson Demo, Saturday 16th March, 2013
Still Life Demonstration: Acrylic and Mixed Media
This demo was to be a still life. Syd, ingenious as ever, solved the problem of getting the display at his eye level by chocking up a stand on a small table lying on its side with an easel ledge under it to get it level.
Precarious, but it......(read more)

Paintout, Studley Park Boat House, 2nd March 2013
It was Saturday, 2nd of March 2013 where a group of about 15 met at the Kew Boathouse, Studley Park at 1:30pm. We spread out and staked our claim on the beautiful scenery before us. Some elected to cross the river and take in the charm of the boat house, the hustle bustle of the café and people hiring boats. Others focused on......(read more)

Alan Close Demonstration & Workshop, Saturday 16th February, 2013
The preparation was incredible....Alan had made a four page illustrated handout....to back up his talk, the papers all set out on the chairs....there were rows of tables set up and on each was a piece of Arches 300gsm with a neatly ruled pencil frame 9” X 5”......(read more)

WAA Black and White Art Show and Christmas Party 2012
Lots of laughter, chatting and talking...people enjoying themselves, wine, good food - the black and white show and our Christmas afternoon tea....what a great way to finish up the year! An estimated seventy people....enjoyed the art show of over 70 artworks, all in black and white of course but featuring two sections: 1. Scratch art and 2. All other types of black and white art. People enjoyed voting for their most popular artwork, which went to......(read more)

Combined Box Hill Art Group & Whitehorse Arts Show September 2012
BHAG 60th Anniversary Project,
"The Tradition Continues - 60 Years, 60 Artists, 60 Panels.
As part of our annual combined art exhibition, our two groups created a major work celebrating the history of painting in and around the Box Hill area. Sixty of our artists each painted.....(read more)

George brought along a whole portfolio of records of his involvement in art over a lifetime. He was able to use them to tell us amusingly about the 'serendipitous' moves from stage to stage in his career, from building school to art class, to McEwans, to 'The Herald', to overseas travel illustrator, to comic cartooning......(read more)


WAA Pet Portrait Challenge, July 2011.

Create your own fabulous pet portrait in any medium. This Challenge and Exhibition is on 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm Saturday 21st July 2011, and is open to all members and affiliates of Whitehorse Arts Assoc. Entry fee of $5.00 per painting or drawing. Conditions apply, see entry form in the Newsletter for details. There are two sections:
Section A......(read more)

For more past events please see our Archives Pages
Please take some time to explore our archives of events and activities back to 2005. We are sure we you will find some treasures there:
......(read more)
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