WAA Recent & Past Events

MAXINE WADE Saturday 17th April 2021
Watercolour Landscapes Workshop

Most of the students were beginners at watercolour ... and Maxine spent some time showing how to use the various sorts of brushes and how watercolour responds to ........(see more)

LORRAINE WIGRAFT Saturday 20th March 2021
Landscape and Still Life Workshop

After our long lockdown, with no face-to-face workshops and demonstrations possible, Saturday 20th March saw our first WAA public workshop.
We were grateful to have ........(see more)

WAA Children's Art Tutor Susan Gustafson

Nervous, but smiling faces turned up for a special tutorial with Susan Gustafson, who teaches our kids class on a Monday afternoon. Susan had prepared a ........(see more)

ART AT HOME Challenge #5 October 2020 Buildings & Bridges
Sections 3, 4 & 5, Watercolour, Pastels & Oil/Acrylic
The excellent standard of artwork continued from the previous month and we are delighted to share with you the winners and entries in our on-line Art At Home Challenge ........(see more)

ART AT HOME Challenge #5 September 2020 Buildings & Bridges
Sections 1 & 2, Line Drawing & Pen & Wash
Congratulations to all who entered, we have had excellent artwork submitted and we look forward to seeing ........(see more)

ART AT HOME Challenge #4 July 2020 Paint/Draw Pets
WOW! What fabulous artworks. There were so many superb entries of pets that many could have won first prize. Well done and congratulations to all the artists who took up the challenge. What shows through is that each artist has successfully ........(see more)


ART AT HOME Challenge #3 June 2020 Face & Figure
The Challenge for June was once again to create some fabulous artwork at home. There were three categories, a portrait painting, a self portrait sketch, and a figure study. The winners, who received great prizes were ........(see more)

ART AT HOME Challenge #2 May 2020 Still Life
The Challenge for May was to create a still life artwork at home. There were three categories, and the winners received great prizes. The winners were ........(see more)

ART AT HOME Challenge #1 April 2020 Coastal Scene
WAA members were invited to create an artwork at home based on one of two supplied images. There were three categories, and the winners received great prizes. The winners were ........(see more)

PETER SMALES Saturday 21st September 2019, 2.00pm to 4.00pmm
Seascape in Oils Demonstrationn

Peter is a member of the prestigious ‘Twenty Melbourne Painters’ and ‘The Victorian Artists Society.’
He characteristically works in an ........(see more)

Box Hill Art Group & Whitehorse Arts Association
Combined Art Show 6th-8th September 2019

Once again the combined exhibition was very commendable showing strong talents from members of both associations.
Whitehorse Arts had about ........(see more)

EV HALES Saturday 17th August 2019, 2.00pm to 4.00pm
Watercolour Demonstration

After a bleak winter’s month it was very pleasant to have some sunshine to come out in. Daffodils were out. Spring was on the way. And we had Ev Hales to talk to us...Her current obsession is watercolour and the focus was on  ........(see more)

Exhibition: Our Amazing Animal Friends
30th July to 11 August 2019
Our opening night of ‘Our Amazing Animal Friends’ exhibition at the Box Hill Community Arts Centre was a great success. We had ........(see more)

WALTER MAGILTON Saturday 15th June 2019, 2.00pm to 4.00pm
Demonstration: Colour & Composition
Walter is a senior member of the art confraternity now after a long and distinguished career in art (and) today he set about filling in some gaps in our amateurish knowledge of art. The first half was about ........(see more)

JOHN BREDL Saturday 18th May 2019, 2.00pm to 4.00pm
Seascape in Oils

There was quite a full house for John’s demo. He and his young son Peter set up early...(John) was very well prepared having ........(see more)

MAXINE WADE Saturday 16th March 2019 at 2.00pm
Gouache & Watercolour Landscape Demonstration
This was Maxine’s third visit to Whitehorse Arts. Following up her previous visit...she brought along the finished framed painting to show us. It was great. But today she had another slant ........(see more)

PAMELA PRETTY Saturday 16th February 2019 at 2.00pm
Pastel Seascape Demonstration

Pamela is a multi -prize winner with her pastel paintings. Today, it was something a bit different. She was looking for an idea to enhance her sea-scape. She was looking ........(see more)

WAA End of Year Art Show
Saturday 17th November 2018, 2.00pm
Our end of the year Art Show was again a great success with a large crowd of over 90 people attending...We had 80 paintings on display entered by 47 artists. Congratulations to all the prize and award winners ........(see more)

Art Show Box Hill Art Group/Whitehorse Arts Association
Friday 20th to Sunday 21st October 2018
WAA were the guests of BHAG at their annual combined art show at Box Hill Town Hall. It was a major event with 212 art works from 50 artists. WAA members were delighted to see our Secretary, Col Foster’s work, chosen as ........(see more)

BEN WINSPEAR demonstration, 25th August 2018 at 2.00pm
Landscape Oils Demonstration

Ben Winspear spent his youth in Harcourt, central Victoria, famous as apple country. He has a strong emotional attachment to that area and can paint it from memory. He loves plein air painting.
Today he took ........(see more)

MAXINE WADE Saturday 20th July 2018 at 2.00pm
Pen, Ink & Watercolour Demonstration

WAA President Tony Northover introduced Maxine with her own words about her love of watercolour and its extensions to pen and ink. She gave a brief tutorial on the basics of perspective, vanishing points, large figures in the ........(see more)

LORRAINE WIGRAFT Saturday 16th June at 2.00pm
Pastel over Acrylic Under Painting Demonstration

Lorraine is a valued tutor at WAA on Friday mornings. You may wish to join her very friendly class. Today she decided to ........(see more)

Antoinette Blyth WORKSHOP
Fabulous Silk scarves
Saturday 20th May, 9.15am to 4.00pm
Antoinette supplied many patterns and was able to assist with the making of new ones as ideas ........(see more)

Antoinette Blyth Impressionist FlowErs
Watercolour Demonstration
Saturday 21st April at 2.00pm
Antoinette’s setup was a beautiful arrangement of white flowers in a...vase with a jug and a pot with lid. ‘I am going to ........(see more)

Ted Dansey Watercolour Demonstration
Saturday 17th March 2018 at 2.00pm
Ted is a member and former manager of Vic. Arts Society.
He is a committed watercolourist. He says “I love.........My philosophy is, keep it ........(see more)


Greg Allen Watercolour Demonstration
Saturday 17th February 2018, 2pm to 4pm
The full house for Greg Allen’s demo was given a full serve of entertainment and instruction......He is an activist for watercolour in the battle against oils, acrylics and pastel. However........(see more)


Mike Kowalski En Plein Aire Workshop
Saturday 10th February 2018, Wattle Park
Ten people signed up for this experience at Wattle Park. The prospect of rain was very strong so Mike and Col Foster did a recce and found a sound shell down behind the chalet which was under cover. Just ideal. It did rain........(see more)

End of Year Art Show Featuring Fabulous Fakes
Saturday 18th November 2017, 2pm to 4pm
WAA members were invited to enter two works in this judged show with two sections: Fabulous Fakes - a copy of a famous artist's work; or an original work in any medium. You will be amazed at what our artists produced to meet this challenge........(see more)

Combined Art Show 25 to 27 August 2017
Box Hill Art Group and WAA held their combined art show in the Box Hill Town Hall featuring approx two hundred artworks created by their members. Click on the link for our report with images (pdf document 221KB opens in a new tab/window)........(see more)

Alan Close
19th August 2017 at 2.00pm
How to Paint like Cezanne Demonstration

After Alan completed the arrangement of the still life he proceeded to block the picture in quickly with a piece of charcoal.
He drew........(see more)

 Jennifer Croom 22nd July 2017 at 2.00pm
Contemporary Figurative Paintings in Acrylics
Jennifer Croom has a flexible intuitive attitude to her art. “Enjoy your painting. It’s only paint”, she said.
She was trying to paint a f.........................(see more)

WAA 3 in 1 Extravaganza, 20 May 2017
It was about celebrating...
1. The face and figure exhibition.
2. The great hand challenge
3. Recognising Roxanne as WAA Model of Excellence 2017, and also recognising the Life Models’ Society........see more from the WAA Newsletter (pdf format 0.97MB opens in new window)

ALAN CLOSE, 18 February 2017
Abstract Art
Demonstration & Workshop

Our first demo for the New Year was given by our very own Alan Close. He is the amazing all-rounder of the arts, a........(see more)

WAA Echuca Moama Exhibition, January 2017
During January, nine WAA members were invited to exhibit works at the Alton Gallery in Echuca. The exhibition was exclusively for WAA and ran for the whole month of January.............(see more)

The WAA Newsletter for December 2016 included reports for various events held during November and December. These included Amanda Hyatt's watercolour workshop, the combined art show with Box Hill Art Group, and the WAA end of year exhibition. Click on the links to open or download the reports (PDF format - will open in a new tab/window):

Amanda Hyatt WorkshopAmanda Hyatt Box Hill Art GroupBox Hill Art Group WAA ShowWAA Exhibition

DAVID CHEN Demonstration 19th November 2016 Seascape in Oils

This time David Chen had been asked to do a seascape in oils. He had no pre-conceived idea and asked around until Col Foster produced............(see more)

Peter Smales Demonstration 15th October 2016 Maritime Painting in Oils
Jovial oil artist Peter Smales was making his return visit to Whitehorse after three years. He had left us with a very positive impression of both............(see more)

alan close Demonstration 17th September 2016
Bird Paintings with Air Brushed Backgrounds
As always with Alan the preparation was perfect. He had set up three aspects of his demo in great detail. He would start by giving us tips on............(see more)

Lorraine Wigraft Demonstration 20th August 2016
Pastel Landscape with Acrylic Underpainting
Lorraine is a multi-award winner, internationally published artist and our own pastel and acrylics tutor. Today she was doing....(see more)

JO-ANNE SEBERRY Demonstration 16 July 2016
Pastel Seascape
Jo-anne is an eminent pastel artist who has won major prizes at the large exhibitions. Today she started from a reference painting of............(see more)

GREG ALLEN demonstration 16th April 2016
Watercolour Landscape
Greg took an adventurous step with his demo. No reference photo, no prepared subject, an impromptu watercolour based on ideas that............(see more)

Alan Close demonstration 19th March 2016
Travel Sketches & Portrait

Our president and tutor, Alan Close very generously gave us a double demo, travel sketches and portrait.
In each case it was accompanied by............(see more)


AMANDA HYATT demonstration 20th February 2016,
Landscape & Floral Watercolours

Amanda declared herself to be a......She made the comment that watercolour is............(see more)
WAA End of Year Christmas Party & Show 2015
The clubrooms were a buzz with about 90 people excitedly talking and laughing. There were 105 artworks of a high standard, many superb works. Antoinette Blyth our Art Show judge did an exceptional job judging. In her comments she pointed out the importance......(see more)

Terry Jarvis Demonstration, Saturday 17th October 2015
Watercolour Landscape, ’Painting the Light
Terry is a great entertainer as well as a fine watercolourist.
He has all the cheek in the world and if you give him a microphone he does a really good......(see more)

Super Selfie Challenge, Saturday 19th September 2015
Our Super Selfie Challenge and Art Exhibition was really super! The the top and bottom galleries and foyer were crowded and noisy with excited chatter and laughter. Over 120 artists and friends discussed the various styles of art shown which included......(see more)

Barbara McManus Demonstration, Saturday 15th August 2015
Pastel Portrait

Barbara is a renowned pastel artist. Today she was going to do a portrait sketch of her daughter-in-law, Rochelle.
Pastel is......(see more)

Clive Sinclair Demonstration, Saturday 18th July 2015
Landscape in Oils
Clive...has been professionally involved in art for the best part of his adult life, as signwriter, tonal painter, student, teacher, watercolourist and oil painter (but) now he is into......(see more)


Julian Bruere Demonstration, Saturday 20th June 2015
Watercolour Landscapes
His concern was to teach us about composition, texture and perception of depth...His first advice to novices was “paint bigger”, and he also had a surprising secret weapon to show us......(see more)


Jeff Murphy Demonstration, Saturday 16th May 2015
Still Life in Oils

Jeff is a responsible, articulate, confidant teacher and a very fine artist. His chosen style is tonal realism and he traces his skills back through many generations of influences to......(see more)


Ted Dansey Demonstration, Saturday 18th April 2015
Watercolour Landscapes

Ted Dansey was a down-to-earth personality. He had a wry, self-deprecating humour which brought......(see more)


WAA Sketch your  pet workshop February 2015
We all love our pets, so it was not surprising that this workshop was so well attended. The top and bottom galleries were full of artists drawing their pets, mostly dogs, but some cats also. You could feel the intensity of the artists concentration as they sketched away in
......(see more)

WAA Art Show and Christmas Party 6th December 2014
Our end of year combined Christmas  party and Art Show was a great end to a fantastic year. There were two sections: 1. COLOUR ART any subject or medium, 2. BLACK AND WHITE ART. The December Newsletter contained a full report......(see more - first page, second page pdf files 110 KB and 117 KB)
 You can see many more photos of this and other events on our Facebook page


Antoinette Blyth Demonstration, 15th November 2014
Flowers in Watercolour

Antoinette describes herself as a Realist Impressionist Watercolourist.
What that means is that when creating her stunning floral watercolours she is not restricted to......(see more)


Malcolm Webster Watercolour Demonstration 18th October 2014
‘How to paint a corrugated iron roof ’ and other secrets!
Malcolm gave us the benefit of his many years as a successful, prize-winning water-colourist by passing on his tips and techniques. As an ice-breaker he taught us something about......(see more)


Vikki McInnes Demonstration 20th September 2014
Still Life in Oils

Tonalism in two hours! A big ask! However, Vicki who has mastered this technique managed to......(see more)


Box Hill Art Group and WAA
Combined Art Show 12 to 14 September 2014

The 62nd Annual Exhibition at the Box Hill Town Hall, Lower Gallery
This was a very successful show for WAA artists, here are our prize-winners......(see more)


Walter Magilton Demonstration 16th August 2014
Landscape in Oils
Multi award winning artist and Fellow of the Victoria Artists Society and the Australian Guild of Realist Artists, and with a lifetime painting and teaching he has so much to offer. The subject Walter chose today was Gum Trees. "Not another bloody gum tree". He said trees can never be......(see more)


Lorraine Wigraft Demonstration 19th July 2014
Pastel Landscape

Lorraine is a renowned, award-winning Pastel Artist. For this demonstration, she re-visited a scene originally painted plein air at......(see more)


Annee Kelly Demonstration 21st June 2014
Watercolour Landscape
Annee is a confident watercolour artist. She was born in Alexandria, Egypt, went to a French school and speaks French fluently, which is a great asset when she takes art tours to Europe. This year she is going to......(see more)


Lorraine Wigraft Workshop 14th June 2014
Pastel Still Life
Lorraine arrived early with a lovely arrangement of flowers, showing us how to measure up the the subject to fit our page. She then demonstrated how to......(see more - 108 Kb pdf file)


Barbara McManus Demonstration 17th May 2014
Pastel Portrait from Life

Barbara is a very distinguished pastel artist.
Her portrait work is famous, as is her life drawing.
Her style is......(see more)

In the May 2014 Newsletter we featured artworks created in two of our popular workshops - the Wednesday morning Portrait group and the Thursday afternoon Life Drawing group. While the works were still on display in the Clubroom Gallery Club Secretary Colin Browne took some photos for you to enjoy here on the website - follow these links to the life study and portrait galleries, and view the Newsletter page about the life drawing group.




Ron Muller Demonstration 15th March 2014
Watercolour Landscape
You want to paint a real watercolour? Like Ron Muller did? Look at the end result. What do you see? Two big gum trees, two cows.
Start there and you are dead in the water. We often say watercolour is the reverse of......(see more)

Paul McDonald Smith Demonstration 15th February 2014
Landscape - Oils

Paul has had forty years' experience as a professional painter. His early influence was Bill Dargie in the area of portrait painting, but lately he has turned to still life and landscape. He believes that a competent artist should be......(see more)

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