Children’s Classes with Susan Gustafson
Monday 4 pm to 6 pm

Term 1 Children’s Painting Classes at the Nunawading Hub were productive, fun and relaxed.
All students in the class showed enthusiasm for learning new skills and techniques and created some excellent pieces of artwork.
Some of the topics I covered with the students during Term 1 were, Tonal Value. This knowledge is very important, as it teaches the artist the skill of creating artwork which takes on 3 dimensional qualities. Another topic of discussion was Negative Space. To put it simply, negative space is the space around a solid or positive shape on your canvas. Its very important for creating compositional balance.

We discussed the subject of using different mediums with paint to create interesting and contemporary pieces of artwork. The students used collage (mixed, patterned and coloured paper) to work on a subject of their choosing. This was a fun and experimental exercise which produced some excellent results.
As you can see from the photos, some fantastic work was produced in the Term 1 Children’s Painting Class.
Term 2 has now begun and there are still places available if anyone is interested in joining.
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